Acro Yoga for One / Yoga-HIIT-Fusion 4 (en)

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Acro Yoga for One / Yoga-HIIT-Fusion 4 (en)

Move your ass and your mind will follow!

Use this Yoga-HIIT-Fusion as your AcroYoga solo practice or to build up strength for more ease in your yogapractice. Combining the wisdom of alignment coming from yoga with progressive strength building of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), this 45-min class will keep or make you fit and strong, with a focus on the bodyparts and powerlines that are especially needed in the partner- and triowork of AcroYoga.

Almuth Kramer
Acro Yoga
60 Minuten

Thank you so much, @Piroschka. Lovely to hear. Did you tried the other HIT sessions, too?

Thank you for that sweaty however refreshing session 😉