Advanced Workshop - Handstands, Arm Balances & Pincha Mayurasana

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Advanced Workshop - Handstands, Arm Balances & Pincha Mayurasana

Desiree demonstrates the power and strength of choosing love over fear. Difficulty arises in these poses when our arms are not connected to the heart and are instead used for fighting and resisting, which consumes a lot of energy and produces more fear. In this workshop Desiree demonstrates how you can create the strength and confidence that reduces the fear of arms not supporting or holding one’s body in these powerful poses.

Learn to feel the power of connecting your hands and arms to your head and neck, energetically connecting therefore to the back of your heart so that you feel the amazing soft yet powerful stability required to start small and let your body grow in to mastering hand and arm balances.

Aside from the following poses, she brings this through supporting connection, breath, focus and playfulness and even tips from international circus group Cirque du Soleil !


Standing poses, Sun salutations, Cobra, Pincha Mayurasana

Chattaranga Step by step guide jumping into chattaranga, instead of into plank.

Sitting Vasishasana (including Wild Thing variation). Half & Full Boat.

Back Bends, Standing Poses, Exercises to train the upper back with block, twists etc.

Desirée Rumbaugh
Hatha Yoga
90 Minuten
3 - 4